Arp 176 (NGC 4933 Group)

  Arp 176 is in Dr. Arp's class Narrow Counter-Tails.  His Atlas note was "companion galaxy very condensed".  Arp 176 is the three-galaxy group NNE of center.  I displaced it to include the two galaxies at the bottom of the field.  The largest galaxy in the Arp group is NGC 4933A, with the southwest member being 4933B and the northeast 4933C.  The barred spiral near the east edge is IC 4134.  The face-on near the bright star is Mitchell Anonymous (MAC) 1303-1135, the edge-on at the bottom is MAC 1303-1137, and the uncertain one in the northwest corner is MAC 1303-1128.

This image was taken at the 2006 Texas Star Party.  It was just before I sent my G-9 mount in for repair.  The tracking was terrible and I was able to use only 44 of the 95 30-second unguided exposures I took.

Atlas Image


  Celestron CG9 1/4, StarlightXpress MX716, 22 minutes
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