Arp 168 (M32; NGC 221)

  Arp 168 is a member of the class Diffuse Counter-Tails.  It is best known as Messier 32, one of the two bright companions to M31, the Andromeda Galaxy.  The mottled area occupying most of the right side of the image is M31.  The tidal tail from Arp 168 is difficult in the positive, being best seen in the negative and color images.  The Atlas note is "faint diffuse plume curved away from M31 disk."  I just see some halo, not a plume away from M31.  There are a large number of M31 globular clusters in this image but you need a detailed map to find them.  They look like very slightly out-of-focus stars.

This monochrome images were taken with my 100mm guidescope and are 19' x 25.7'.  The telescope is a nominal f/10 but the spacing resulted in an effective f/ratio of about 8.7.  The color image, taken with my 10-inch Newtonian and SBIG ST2000XM, has a larger field and much higher resolution.

Atlas Image


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  Meade 2045D, StarlightXpress MX716, 25 minutes, 19' x 25.7'    10-inch Newtonian, SBIG ST2000XM, 96:24:24:24 minutes, 21,7' x 28.9'