Arp 166 (NGC 750 & 751)

  Arp 166 is the last member of the class Diffuse Filaments, but see discussion for Arp 162.  Arp 166 is located a little east of center.  The Atlas note is "small spiral at end of plume".  The small galaxy is easy to see in this image but the scale makes it hard to classify as a spiral.

The north galaxy of the Arp 166 pair is NGC 750, while the southern member is NGC 751.  The galaxy about 3 minutes down from the top of the field and about 2 minutes from the right edge is NGC 739.  There are quite a number of small galaxies in the field, including the faint irregular halfway between Arp 166 and the bright star.  None of them are in any of the common catalogs but a number do show up in less-used catalogs.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 58 minutes
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