Arp 135 (NGC 1023 & A)

  Arp 135 is a member of the class E-like Galaxies with Nearby Fragments.  The Atlas note says "similar nebulosity about one diameter further east".  That is PGC 10169 and it is hiding in the glare of the bright star. 

The primary is NGC 1023 and the "fragment" on the east end, south of the primary axis, is NGC 1023A.  1023 is yellowish and 1023A is noticeably bluer.  Also, 1023 has a very smooth texture while 1023A is much more knotty or granular.  1023A also has a number of small absorption regions which appear to be forming a rough ring around the outer parts of the galaxy.  These features are easier to see in the full size image, which you can reach by clicking on the color image to the left.  You can access the full size negative image by clicking on the negative image below.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, SBIG ST2000XM, 70:24:24:24 minutes
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