Arp 133 (NGC 541)

  Arp 133 is the first of the class E and E-like Galaxies with Nearby Fragments.  It is the elliptical in the center of the field with a couple of tiny E-like galaxies, and a very distorted spiral, along the east and northeast side.  The Atlas note says "central member of galaxy group associated with 3C40".  This is a two Arp field with NGC 541 and its tiny companions making up Arp 133, and the bright galaxy pair, NGC 545 and 547, to the northeast making up Arp 308.

There are two more NGC galaxies in the field, NGC 535 about the same distance to the southwest from Arp 133 as Arp 308 is to the northeast, and NGC 543, about 3' NNW of the Arp 308 pair.  There are quite a few more UGC, PGC, and  anonymous galaxies in the field.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX916, 42 minutes, 15.8' x 20.9'

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