Arp 120 (NGC 4435 & 38)

  Arp 120 is another member of the class E-like Galaxies Perturbing Spirals.  The Atlas note says "E galaxy breaking up a spiral".  The E-like galaxy NGC 4435, NW of the primary, is an early type spiral, SB(s)0 in the Hubble classification.  There is a fairly prominent bar running almost N-S.  More recent studies indicate that NGC 4435 has not been involved in the interaction and that the original interacting galaxies have now almost completely merged to form NGC 4438.  4438 also shows some extremely dark absorption regions along the west side of the nucleus. 

This pair is known as "The Eyes in Markarian's Chain".  The two galaxies in the NE corner of the field, NGC 4458 and 4461, are also part of the Chain.  The galaxy right at the S edge of the field is IC 3393 and the faint galaxy about 9' W of 4461 is VCC 1101.

Click on the color image to see a full size version or click on the negative image for a full size negative.  The fainter background galaxies are seen more easily in the negative version.

Atlas Image              


  10-inch Newtonian, SBIG ST2000XM, 128:32:24:24 minutes, 21.1' x 28.6'  
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