Arp117 (IC 982 & 3)

  In my image, Arp 117 is in the same field as Arp 79 but they are entirely separate Atlas fields.  Arp 117 is one of the class E-like Galaxies Perturbing Spirals.  It's the pair close to the bright star, above the center of the field.  Arp 79 is the tiny spiral about an equal distance below the center.  The large spiral is IC 983 and the elliptical southwest of it is IC 982.  The Atlas notes say "flattening of spiral's nucleus appears to be in different plane than arms."  There is a lot of delicate structure that can be seen in the Atlas image but is not visible in mine.  To see the ultimate in amateur imaging, click this link:

This image by Don Goldman, maker of the renowned Astrodon filters, is far better than the Palomar image.  Arp 79 is in there, too.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX916, 30 minutes. 15.8' x 20.9'
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