Arp 115

Arp 115 is a member of the class E-like Galaxies Perturbing Spirals.  Dr. Arp's Atlas note was "object slightly S of northern gal. is just perceptibly non-stellar."  In the 4x detail below, it seems to have a little more fuzz around it than the star in the SW corner, but I'm certainly not positive.  The E-like galaxy to the N is PGC 36379 and the spiral to the S is UGC 6678.  The little galaxy NW of Arp 115, near the N edge of the field, is listed in NED as KUG 1140+266.  That is the Kiso Ultraviolet Galaxy Catalog, a new one to me.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 25 minutes
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