Arp 113 (NGC 67 through 72)

  Arp 113 is the first of the class E and E-like Galaxies Close To and Perturbing Spirals.  That is such a mouthful that I'm condensing it on the following pages to E-like Galaxies Perturbing Spirals.  I won't try to identify all galaxies in this Arp -- Megastar or another planetarium  program will do that -- but will just note that the barred spiral in the southeast corner of the group is NGC 72, the spiral at the north end is NGC 70, and the third galaxy in the line moving down from NGC 70 southwest is NGC 67.  These define the span of the Atlas field.  There are a number of other galaxies close by but they fall partially or completely outside the field.  A couple of other galaxies to note are NGC 74 near the east side of my field and CGCG 499-103, which falls right on the diffraction spike in the northwest corner.

Atlas Image


  10-inch Newtonian, StarlightXpress MX716, 30 minutes
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